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Convert your in-game assets into NFTs With Defungify’s blockchain agnostic plugins Unreal, Unity and more! 

What is it

What is Defungify?

We are a team of game designers and developers who support the future and are on your side.

We provide game developers with an easy to use system for them to integrate NFTs into their game. We do this through either game plugins, or an API. With our system.


We do the hard work while you make great games!
We make it quick and simple for any game developer to query an NFT from any blockchain we support. We take on the burden of integrating with these blockchains so you don’t have to! With Defungify, you have all of the benefits with very little work.
What we do
The Data

What we provide

Our API Provides NFT/SFT data upon request

Diy integration

Get your game going

Choose your integration below. We have several options available including Universal API for all solutions. Additionally, make sure to click the API sign up link below to get access to your free API Key.
Get Access to the: Free API Key
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Custom Development

If you need custom development, we've got you covered!

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Work with us!
We're always looking for talent to help. If you'd like to work with the cutting edge in gaming software and technology reach out!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. See the integration links above for each platform plugin specific question and answer pages.

We succeed when you succeed. For our service and support we charge 7% of your NFT sales only after you’re successful. Compared to OpenSea who charges an equivalent 25-50%.

If you have a feature, blockchain, or other request, please contact us for more information.

We support Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, Cronos, and Binance. We’re rapidly integrating more blockchains, and growing our suite of game development tools quickly! If you have a preference please vote HERE.

We make it easy!

We're your bridge to the NFT world!

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